Since only slightly less than forever, I’ve wanted to curate a shiny, happy website where I can write about things I love (or at least really like a lot).

For a long list of reasons, I haven’t done it yet, and at the top of my procrastination list has been finding a domain name I loved.

When I share things on Facebook I think are legitimately cool, I tend to introduce those things over and over again with the same phrase: I love this SO MUCH!

That phrase was available as a dot com, and even better, the abbreviation of the phrase ( was available too.

To start with, it’s just me writing about people (musicians, YouTubers, actors), places, and things that I think are exceptionally wonderful. Over time, I’ll add writers, launch a podcast, and produce video.

The site’s official color is HOT PINK. The site’s official philosophy is epicureanism. The site’s official gender is female. The site’s official book is, “Are You There God, it’s Me Margaret.” The site’s official attitude is GAY! The site’s official inspiration is Lennon & Maisy.

I want this site to be about a tribe of shiny happy quirky people who love all the hippy love stuff that I love.

My past success on the web was writing and producing a profitable Internet TV show called GeekBrief.TV. That show ended with a horrific divorce, and I just flopped around wanting to die for a few years. As I come back to life, I’m excited about producing things that make me and other people smile. I called GeekBrief.TV shiny, happy tech news, and that’s still the core of what I hope I can do. I want to provide information that at least makes people smile, and hopefully sometimes makes people laugh.

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